Abnormis Sapiens

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Gildardo Vázquez

Gildardo Vázquez


I think that Honor Societies are one of the greatest things that Liceo has because they are not only about doing certain activities, but they go beyond. The societies are about helping, learning, knowing. Being president of Drakko is more than being that.

Who’s Gildardo?

Gildardo Vázquez, the president of the Great Society of Drakko is a great leader who over the years demonstrated it in an impressive way, Gildardo was a member of the board of Directors of his society from 2015 to 2017, has been president of his classroom on several occasions, and all this only has been in the societies; In extracurricular activities and projects we can highlight his great work, we can observe this in his participation in the leadership workshop of the TEC, on the board of “Dejando huella”, Being an instructor of Arawaks which entails an extensive moral and spiritual formation, in activities of “Soñar despierto”, traveling of missionary, participating in “TECHO”, giving Catechism in “Santa Filomena”;Gildardo also excelled as a student, thanks to this he was invited to study trips by the Liceo de Monterrey as Washington in 2013 and London in the 2011; Gildardo participated in the SAP Congress in 2016 as Staff and in the year 2017 was selected to organize this event, the Congress was a reverend success. Finally all those who have done and in what participated Gildardo Vázquez gave as a result the great person he is, a leader who aspires to big and passionate for making a big change in society