Global warming, the melting of the ice caps, worldwide epidemics, rise of immigration, overpopulation, and global tension. This is the world of 2039 the delegates of the Futuristic Security Council face. They convene in an effort to de-escalate the actual armed conflicts and to ensure the security of the people with the end goal in mind of avoiding a worldwide conflict.

Over in the western hemisphere in America, political and military instability has been on the rise. There was a revolution against American president, Donald Trump, in 2020. After six years, the revolutionaries outlasted the government and declared the “New California”.

Canada has exponentially grown their economy and closed off relations with New California. But the increasing tension with Mexico and The Empire of the Americas has increasingly worried them and they took measures to arm themselves militarily, they are considering forming an alliance with Mexico to prevent the expansion of The Empire of the Americas.

Mexico has become a world power after eradicating corruption and exploiting their natural resources. They have been at war with The Empire of the Americas since 2036 after being invaded. Mexico has been able to stave off their attacks for now, and has made allies with Brazil and New California.

Brazil annexed itself to Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay to achieve greater economic stability. Thanks to their joint effort their scientists have been able to find various cures for a wide range of  diseases. They became allies with Argentina after the country suffered flooding in the southern part of their country. They have been at war with The Empire of the Americas since 2035.

Fascism has taken over Columbia after an intense civil war and they have made allies with Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador and various other Central American countries, forming The Empire of the Americas. This coalition has led to an economic growth and a massive military prowess. They have invaded various countries in an effort to control the American continent completely.

In Europe things have been changing consistently, and not always for good. Great Britain got dissolved after BREXIT in 2019 and England suffered massive economic consequences. Gales, Northern Ireland and Scotland formed The Northern European Isles and rejoined the European Union.

France unlike most European Countries became a world power. Their medicinal prowess allowed them to make breakthroughs with the strange unfamiliar new diseases. Their military has also grown exponentially. During the American Revolution they called for a European Union Meeting to support the revolutionaries, only Germany backed them up.

Instability plagued Russia after the passing of their longtime leader Vladimir Putin. Communists saw an opportunity to take control of Russia, and they did. Not long after their rise to power they managed to stabilize the country and saw a growth on their economy, military and agriculture. The communists went back to their old ways of an insatiable need to grow. They invaded Ukraine in order to expand to Crimea, in an effort to end capitalism in Europe.

Germany was attacked by a Trump led United States and were in fear of an invasion on part of USSR. They managed to keep a grip on their economy and armed themselves for the threat of a Russian invasion.

Holland has kept a stable economic growth over the years and has recently been growing their militia in fear of the threat that the USSR poses.

The Asian countries have not been well off these last few years. Japan suffered a massive flooding as seeing that 65% of their territory is under water. But luckily for them before all this they had managed to gain massive control in the space race.

Overpopulation has become China’s biggest problem, they set a law that each family was only allowed to have one child per family. This matter sparked conflict in the people and they were even more enraged as the government dictated that any person who was not productive for the country would be executed. The populace of the country fled China seeking friendlier countries, many set their eyes on India and even more so after a deadly disease started killing people by the millions in China.

India suffers similar problemas as China, overpopulation has plagued them. They are also in economic problems mainly from the migration of Chinese people to India. Diseases have afflicted India’s population and stricken their crops, causing slight famine. India is not as strong as other countries militarily so they are aiming to ally themselves to other countries.

Some African countries have united such as The Republic of Congo, Angola, Zambia, and Tasmania, and formed the Kingdom of Congo, thanks to this their economies have been strengthened and to their new found ore mines. Their leader is Jospeh Kabila and he has been at odds with the UN due to negligence and violation of basic human rights.

Written by: Luis Roberto Salazar