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Eduardo Elizondo

Eduardo Elizondo


I am the leader of the Griffin Honor Society, honored to represent my fellow members and to encourage them to bring the best out of themselves. I felt that Griffin needed a change, it needed to become united so that we could enjoy our time here in our High School. Now that I am in charge I feel the responsibility to make this change and I’m fully committed to doing so.

Who’s Eduardo?

Eduardo Elizondo, an outstanding student in the sports field, specially in table tennis, in which he participated in the National Junior Ranking in 2014. He was a national champion of the “Second Force” in 2014, even winning 5th place in Nacional de Cuba 2015 and finally was winner of 5 silver and 1 bronze medals in the National Olympics of table tennis (2013-2017) apart from being a fan of table tennis and be a professional of this sport, Eduardo has been working professionally in the musical field since 2016 as a singer and guitarist and to take the technical career in electronic and industrial instrumentation in the already going in the 5th semester at the moment.