INC Monterrey 2018

From the last thursday (08/11), and until the last saturday (10/11), the Tecnológico de Monterrey opened a festival of entrepreneurship in Pabellón M and in the campus of the university here in the city. The name of the congress is INC Monterrey, and it has been growing year after year since it was first launched in the year of 2013. INC Mty has brought to our city speakers from the highest companies from all the world, as well as it has given the opportunity for the people to listen as well to geniuses in all the areas of industry, in order for the audience to grab ideas, and to share them with their associated partners in order for them to grow and go further in their businesses and projects.

This year, some of the members of The Lions Times had the opportunity to visit INC and all of their activities, discovering a lot of information that we would like to share. Starting from the speakers of INC, we could mention some of them, such as Farid Dieck, who was the master of ceremonies for the main auditorium; Jeremy Gutsche, who is the CEO of TrendHunter; Alejandro Ramírez, who is the general director of Cinépolis; Adolfo Franco, the producer of the movie “Cantinflas” and David Rogers, a giant in the topic of digital transformation.

All of these speakers gave their conferences talking about their aspects that made them succeed, but also warning us about their aspects that could have made them go even further, and, of course making fun of themselves or motivating the audience to improve in general.

The congress of INC also allowed the attendants to have a lot of interaction between themselves, and to expose their ideas and projects in a Shark Tank, which could make their projects be sponsored by CEOs of big companies, making their dreams true. Also, many companies from students were exposed in other halls of the congress, giving them the opportunity for association with other small companies, deals and sales.

Finally, speaking about the virtues that INC Mty wanted to share mainly with their audience include the ability to evolve, adapt, grow in technology, dream big, consider opinions of the experts, never to give up and to take risks, as some of them will lead us to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Written by: José Eduardo González Molina