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‘Terminator’ or Utopia? What awaits us with Artificial Intelligence

From computers capable of composing musical melodies and beating humans at the most difficult game to Siri, artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, yet known to very few people, and with all the promises of salvation it carries also come threats of massive extinction for our entire species. So, […]

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School educational system

School educational systems haven´t been innovated since the school first started. Are we doing things right? Could we do anything to make schools better or to improve schools systems?

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An incredible school project, that became a reality

Students with an innovative sense, Daniel Villarreal Carrera and David Elizondo Morales of Liceo de Monterrey Centro Educativo carried out a project that would support hundreds of Mexicans affected in the south of the country because of the recent earthquakes.

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