Mass Surveillance is the intricate surveillance of an entire or a substancial fraction of a population in order to monitor that group of citizens. Mass surveillance has become a severe problem recently because people are either in favor of having this or against having this. The Government is getting your private data, is SPYING you, and is collecting private stuff from you without you even noticing.

Advantages of Mass surveillance

Even though people are against of mass surveillance, it has some benefits that help the people. Some of those advantages are:

  1. It supposedly helps you feel more safe.
  2. It can prevent crimes that happen really often.
  3. They maintain records of what happens in the city.
  4. They detect crimes when one is happening.
  5. People are being controlled and everyone is allowed to do the same things.

Disadvantages of Mass Surveillance

  1. Loss of personal privacy.
  2. People will feel scared because the government is hacking and collecting private data.
  3. They will feel insecure because they might think that the government doesn’t trust them, also because they will be followed.
  4. The government will misuse the information they have on you
  5. These programs that the government has, are very expensive and mean that many government resources are deviated from other potentially more beneficial policies

Conclusion and Opinion

In conclusion, this topic is a lot about what every person thinks, since is their privacy whom is in danger, since the government would share that information with anyone in exchange for money, or something like that. Well finally, I think that mass surveillance is both, good and bad, because it can help maintain a good population in order, it can register information that no police officers can. But it also can be bad, because people will feel invaded, their privacy is at risk, they will feel like the government is following them. Finally, I think that this topic really depends on whatever the individual wants, for example if he wants a country in which the leader doesn’t trust them, or if he wants a country with a lot of violence problems, and lets them do whatever they want.

Written by: Manuel Madero