Monday Night Football, the best game of the season with the best-record teams and at the best of all, the game play on Mexico… will just keep on a dream of all Mexicans. On November 12,2018, the National Football League decided to cancel the game due to the field conditions of Estadio Azteca, located on Mexico City, and that left Mexico with economic problems, but first able, left Mexico with a bad image all around the world.

Analyzing the problem, we have to mention that the field conditions were set due to 2 principal problems. The first problem is that since the beginning of the Mexican tournament of Liga Mx, the Estadio Azteca is home of two teams of this tournament, the “America”, which is originally the owner of the stadium and the second team, “Cruz Azul”, who’s new stadium is only at the beginning of the pre-construction. According to several sources, the field conditions were due to this reason and also because of the large season of storms on this city. We all know the truth and it’s related with the second problem. Because of Mexico’s organization, two massive concerts took place weeks before the stellar game of the year, leaving the field on a very bad condition. The economic consequences were brutal, losing approximately $46 MD and more less 1M of spectators. Imagine all that numbers, but also imagine all the people that was going to the game, losing flights, hotels and the satisfaction of see the Chiefs-Rams game.

Written by: Ramiro Alejandro García Punaro