Astros, the new MLB Champions

For the first time in history, the Houston Astros won a World Series since their foundation in 1962, about 55 years ago. In the seventh game of the World Series, Astros defeated 5-1 to LA Dodgers, where George Springer was called the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the...
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Smart assistant made by

The brand lines up with’s peculiar Black Eyed Peas persona of being a futuristic yet fashion-savvy rapper. But what has ever achieved since its founding in 2012? Its consumer gadgets have all been terrible, like its questionable line of...
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United States new president

As most of you may have heard of Trump´s winning the elections and what he was planning to do with Mexico, it kind of scares us whether we like it or not, Trump is the US president and he is going to take action with every promise he made in his campaign.

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