During the day of 9th of March of 2019, students from Kindergarten to III of High School had their typical science fair, in which they show to the parents a variety of experiments and demonstrations that are related to science and technology.

In the case of III of High School, the central topic was “Renovable energies”, so all the students where divided on groups of 5-6 persons approximately and they had to choose a topic that is related to the central topic. Examples of topics include wave energy, wind turbine, photocells, names that look very simple but in the reality they need work and effort to make the experiments possible. All the experiments and demonstrations of this school grade were a success and I can say that the parents were really focused on this kind of experiments and demonstrations.

In other generations, experiments and demonstrations were also present on the event and was a total success.

In addition to other years, the school organized a contest, due to its 40 anniversary, with 10 questions that new based on the history of the school. Also some facts of the school were at the hallways of the place of the fair.

In general, the Science Fair was a complete success due to its experiments and demonstrations of all the generations and also because of the activities that were around the fair like the contest of the history of the school, the culinary contest, the book fair and the incredible familiar ambient that was present on this important day.

Written by: Ramiro Alejandro García Punaro