Just a few days ago, in February the third of the present year, the 53° edition of the Super Bowl was held out between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, leaving a game that had many things to say both for the teams and for the audience. In this article, I will present you 5 facts about Super Bowl LIII that you may not have noticed.

1.- Final score (13-3): The final score in this game was 13 points for the Patriots, as the result of two field goals and a Touchdown with its extra point, against 3 points for the Rams, coming from a field goal. With this score, the Super Bowl LIII broke the record from Super Bowl VII, when the undefeated Miami Dolphins won 14 points against 7 from the Washington Redskins.

2.- The “repetition” of another Super Bowl: Super Bowl 53 was not the first occasion in which this both teams fought against each other in the biggest show of football, playing in 2002 the Super Bowl XXXVI, when the New England Patriots, guided by the young Tom Brady, defeated the Saint Louis Rams, who were known as “The Greatest Show on Turf”.

3.- Records for the Rams: The L.A. Rams broke two historical records in this game, both of them for punting. The first of this records is the fact that the Rams, playing with a terrible offense, became the first team in Super Bowl history to punt in their first 8 possessions, being the second record the longest punt in Super Bowl, kicking Johnny Hekker for 65 yards.

4.- Records for the Patriots: As you may have seen, Tom Brady became the first player in history to win 6 Super Bowls, leading all of them with the Patriots, who also became the winningest team in Super Bowl era, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also have won 6 Super Bowls.

5.- Numbers: Around 100 million people in the world were expected to watch the Super Bowl, one of the biggest events in sports with no doubts. During the event, many of these persons looked at the traditional but new Super Bowl Commercials, who costed for their companies around 12 million dollars for minute.

Written by: José Eduardo González Molina