Liceo de Monterrey has various sports for us students to choose from. The two most popular are football soccer and basketball. There are other sports like athletics, ping pong and gym, just to name a few. In our school, there are enough facilities for each sport, although, many can be improved like the gym, the ping pong tables or the soccer field that is in bad conditions. But this does not stop students from attending their respective sports each and every day. But many of the students don’t realize how important it is to do exercise or maybe they know little about it. This is why I’m explaining, why are sports important.

Firstly, and the most obvious reason, sports improve the physic of the body. Many people only do sports for this reason, and that’s a good thing, but we must know that this is not the most important reason of why we need to do exercise. I think some people don’t realize that doing a sport that they like increases their self-esteem and mental alertness. This is why Liceo encourages all of its students to do sports and exercise.

Sports are an important part in the formation of a student in Liceo, because if you feel happy with yourself and know that you can always improve then, consequently, you will improve in your academic responsibilities. Another reason for this is that sports keep you motivated and also, they teach us to no matter what your physical is you can always enjoy the sport.

The benefits of doing sports are multiple, they lead us to grow as people. They enhance abilities like leadership, patience, determination and problem-solving skills, specially in team sports, because if you are fighting for a common goal it is easier for you to connect with your team mates and have a better result than if you didn’t have the same goal.

According to the University of Missouri Health Care, “Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. You can also make new friends who can be there for you as a support system. When you feel under pressure or stressed, call up a teammate, head to the gym to talk and play it out.” What the University of Missouri is saying is true and it can be seen in every gym or practice of any sport. From my personal experience, going to soccer practice lifts up my self-esteem because I know I will have a pleasant time with the coaches and my team mates.

Sports are one of the only things in life which have very little cons and many pros. Liceo has seen this work and has implemented sports for every single student from kindergarten to high school. Because they know that having this available for their students will increase their moral, they will make friends, they will have fun in this school and will make them improve academically. This is why sports are important.

Written by: Daniel Pérez