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Social Awakening Program

The future it’s right now, in a minute, in an hour, a day… and it’s up to us, that’s why the enfasis on starting to take action and make a change in the society. In order to do that we need to first change our personal perspective as well as our attitude.


Today we need a simulation about what the world does to ensure peace, a UN simulacrum, practicing what is the pilar of politics in todays society.


Here at the Lions Times, we take great pride in our student’s affairs, this is what this section is all about, students taking what they learn in school out to the world. Just take a moment and you will see events like SAP or Congressum, scientific projects like an ongoing greenhouse or a trip to the NASA, and much more. This not only teaches our students to be leaders of the future world but enriches the experience at high school.

Nowadays institutions have increasingly realized that their success—perhaps even survival—depends on creating a student-centered experience. That is what today’s students expect and they know they can get it at the Liceo if they look around enough. That is the core business of student affairs—to create an experience that enhances the growth and development of the students and creates the conditions for engaged and active learning.

Additionally, much of the work of creating a diverse and inclusive campus environment found its origins in student affairs areas for many years. Advancing cross-cultural communication and supporting diversity in all of its forms is familiar territory for a student who goes beyond the academic world.

Humberto Torres

Humberto Torres

Student Affairs Coordinator