There are different places where you can go and study, in a café, in a library, In your own room, etc. Everyone has their own place to study, but is it the best place to study?

Let me tell you something, there is no ultimate perfect place for studying, why? Because we are all different, we all have different styles for studying, different forms of distraction, we are all different in every little aspect.

For example, there are people who prefer studying in a café surrounded by other persons; and there are the ones who need to study in absolute silence, where the only thing they can hear is their own blood flowing through their veins.

Even though there is no perfect place to study, I can give you some advice, so you create YOUR OWN perfect place to study. To begin, you first need to defeat your weaknesses, and to do so, you need no know them, so first things first:

  • Step one: Start asking questions to yourself.
    • Am I distracted by this? Or that?
  • Step two: Find solutions to your problems.
    • By doing this, I can eliminate this weakness, or solve this problem, etc.
  • Step three: Start taking action.

A very good example to demonstrate the series of steps to follow is the following:

  • A kid/teen, studies in his own room, who has this problem that every time he is studying, he checks his phone every two minutes, liestens to music very loud (this doesn’t help to concentrate), and every ten minutes tends to go and lay on his bed.
  • Step one: Is the phone distracting the kid/teen? Is the fact that having his bed near by causing him to go and lay down? Yes.
  • Step two: First he needs to have his phone far away from him, or not in his room while studying. Then he needs to stop listening to music very loud, so he can concentrate. Then, about the bed, he needs to try very hard on not laying down.
  • Step three: He should get his phone away, stop listening to music very loud, and if he is not strong enough to not lay down in bed, he needs to find another place to study, where there is no bed for him to lay down.

So try this steps on your own, to find your best place to study.