It is almost time for the presidents to leave, ending the High School Societies of 2018. The year is almost over, and High School Societies have reached an ending once more. The semester was incredible and every society worked so hard to win, making this year, the most difficult year in the score table of societies in Liceo de Monterrey. Griffin, Drakko, Phoenix and Basilisk; four societies that gave everything to port another star.

Since January 2018, the societies have competed in every possible sport, community service and reunions. This year’s presidents, achieved scores that haven’t been seen before. Basilisk basically won first place in community services and societies reunions, Drakko and Griffin were tied at sports, making a last tournament to define the first place in sports; which Drakko worked out to accomplish it. Phoenix did well in every aspect, making them a society with a very high score on the table.

Each and every society have scored incredible points, making it hard to know the final winner. The tie break match, was played today; Phoenix vs Griffin, a match that defined the winner society this year. Eventually, Drakko scored the highest points in general, making the society once again, first place and winner of 2018.

Written by: Gabriel Salinas