For Congressum 2018, I was part of the Secretariat of the event, where I was in charge (together with Hector Betancourt) of the “TOPICS” and for being in that area, I had the opportunity to write the background paper for the Futuristic Security Council and also to be the Director of it. In this article I am going to talk about my experience as a Director – Moderator of this committee and how did the event go.


For this year’s Congressum, there has been a few changes – a very good ones – such as: instead of being at Liceo de Monterrey, the event took place at the IPADE Business School.

This was to implement the United Nations Simulation and make it look more realistic. This was also made for the delegates to have a better experience at Congressum and make them feel very happy and willing to  come back the next year.

For the breaks and the meal time the experience was better than ever: the food


 and desserts were very good, there were waiters for the whole committees (the delegates ate in their committee room) and everybody was very happy in that aspect. We had an attendance of 150 people from different schools such as: Liceo de Monterrey, Liceo los Rosales, Liceo de Monterrey Girls’ Campus, Brillamont, Ciudad de los Niños, Euroamericano, among others and I´m pretty sure that each one of them had a very good experience and the most important thing: they developed some skills that someone might  have never realized he/she had.


For this year, I had the opportunity to be the Director (Chair) for the new committee of the event: Futuristic Security Council. This committee was a new implementation for Congressum and it really ended up very well. At first, everybody was like getting into a solution (at the second of seven sessions) and we (Director and Moderator) decided to make a “little” change in the topic: we did an update that changed everything. The alliances that were already made broke up and started a very intense debate for about 5 sessions.

The committee was divided in: URSS and its allies vs Imperio de las Américas and its allies. The whole day of Saturday and Sunday, there was no way that there could be a solution because both parts pratically  about everything. We thought that there could be no solution so we split the house and throughout the unmoderated debate they started debating and looking for solutions and on the last session of the event (Sunday), both sides of the house exposed their resolution paper to the Secretariat and the resolutionof the Imperio de las Americas won.

Even though they won, every delegate of this committee deserves the respect of everyone because they had a very, very hard topic and even though they never got into a one solution, they made their best to act as real delegates and that made me feel so proud of them. They acted like real delegates and I´m pretty sure that these people will do great in future because of what they showed me in Congressum.

Wirtten by: Miguel Vessi