Veganism has been one of the most talked about issues in recent years and is that not only is creating an impact on the way we eat and live, but it is creating an impact on today’s and tomorrow’s society, veganism has been become a way of life and more and more people are more interested in stopping eating animal products and focusing on things that do not come from animals.

This 2019 according to some media has been declared as the “vegan year” and is so for several reasons, one of the main is the diet without animal products, which has become the main food trend in the Twitter application, because what better than eating healthy and at the same time helping the fauna of our planet. Another reason that has to do with the people who influence others called the influencers, because 54% of them publish things related to veganism and what good things can it make.

Another reason is that vegetable-based dishes are the most popular in US food delivery, and finally another reason is that Forbes and The Economist predict that this 2019 will make a “boom” of the vegan. The motors of the market now are health, sustainability and humanity, people are moving away from their fears and concerns with meat for something more healthy that is based on plants.

New restaurants are risking betting on high quality vegan food, and in just 3 years 6% of the population in the USA has joined veganism, for different reasons such as the good impact that will be generated in the environment and the fact of eating and having a healthy life free of animal products.

It is very interesting and also satisfying hearing that the population in the world are trying new ways to save our planet, it’s also said that people that are vegan live better and have the same capacities as a person that eat meat, that is also a topic that has been spoken a lot the fact that vegans don’t consume protein can block them from some activities in their lives but it has been proven that it doesn’t and that in fact is better for your body.

Veganism is here to stay and I’m sure it will be for the next few years for a better world and a better way of living.

Written by: Eugenio Guerrero Mata