Story by Miguel Vessi

What has Donald Trump done until now?

As most of you may have heard of Trump´s winning the elections and what he was planning to do with Mexico, it kind of scares us whether we like it or not, Trump is the US president and he is going to take action with every promise he made in his campaign. Until now, he went to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and he said that NAFTA is a disaster, his reason? That he wanted either to renegotiate or to break it up,  because he said that USA has been defrauded by the other countries (Canada and Mexico), that it has to be a FAIR trade not a FREE one. He pointed out  that there were 700,000 people who  lost their  jobs because of this agreement. So, the decision will be made later; but until now, we need to watch the news and see what´s going on and what´s going to happen with Mexico and the NAFTA.

Another thing, president Trump decided to ban the entrance to the US to people of 7 diffeent countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen (Muslim countries) Why? What is the reason? Because he said that through  history, people from those countries have attacked the US, remembering the
11/09/01, and also, he made this to avoid the entrance of immigrants to the country; as the Mexicans case, one of the reasons he wants to make a wall in all  the borders.

One last thing, he ordered to attack Yemen, and left 57 people dead, and some leaders of the terrorist group Al Qaeda were found dead. 16 of them were children and mothers, and 41 were from the navy. This is kind of scary, because it makes you think (at least to me): “Are we next? What´s going to happen?” these are some of the actions he has made in his almost two weeks as the USA president.

What is he planning to do

First, his priority, is to stop the immigrants from getting into the US; so he wants to build a wall (as said in his speech before being elected president) in the border between Mexico and USA, he wants Mexicans to pay for the wall and if they don’t do it, Mexico will suffer severe consequences such as increasing the fees (payment for service, admission, etc.) and also starting to cancel the Mexican visas. Also, he intends to change the policy that anyone who is born in the US is automatically a citizen because “this is a magnet” to illegal immigration and it must stop.

Other action he wants to make is to reduce the numbers of visas and green cards (an ID allowing the permanent residence in a country) given to non-citizens that allows foreigners to work and/or study in the United States.What he is doing and will keep on  doing is  closing  the US companies installed in Mexico, and if they don´t do it, he will apply some consequences such as increasingthe fees, among other penalties. He already made it with Ford, saying that if they don’t stop producing cars in Mexico, he will increase the taxes up to 35% and that will be the cause of lots  job loss.

Yes, this is what Donald Trump is doing as a president. You might think he is a crazy man; in fact he is, but we need to accept  reality and move on; we can´t let Trump take advantage of us.