Frist of all I want to say that almost a 50% of the university careers that people of my age are going to study doesn’t even exist right now, the world is changing and so are the jobs, so consequently the future of the university’s education is going to have a great change within the time, technology is increasing in a tremendous way and its changing the future of our world, so the universities have the responsibility to change so that our future changes and the world keeps on going and going on a better place.

A lot of articles have said important things about how is the future in the universities and one of them said that “The most important challenge involves a shift in the way students consume higher education. Instead of attending a single institution, students receive credit in multiple ways, including from early-college/dual-degree programs, community colleges, online providers, and multiple universities. Students are voting with their feet, embracing online courses and undermining core curricula, which served as a cash cow, by turning to alternate providers, and pursuing fewer majors that require study of a foreign language.” As you can see universities later in the years have started new ways of learning like online or by chats or platforms where you have your classes and your projects out of an institution and even in your own house, they do this so that more people get involucrate in the system of education and they have new opportunities of jobs in the future , people right now are looking for more new careers and innovative careers, this new generations are starting to be the generations of the great change in the technology and in the new types of jobs. Colleges must become more nimble, entrepreneurial, student-focused, and accountable for what students learn. That means universities need to embrace sustainability and wellness as key components to campus life.  Universities have to adapt to change so that they can change and move our new generations, it is important that they know in which areas to innovate, and invest in careers that are worthy in the future, careers that don’t even exist but are important for a greater future in  hands of the technology , Universities are the ones that shape our lives and we depend directly on them. It is important to choose the career that we think will not only help us but also help the planet in a good way and serve for the progress of this world.

Written by: Eugenio Guerrero Mata