The main objective that Liceo has for us students is that we become a ‘complete’
person or in other words an all-round student who has the necessary abilities to succeed in
life. Liceo also has the idea that keeping in touch with the students’ parents is a great way to
keep them informed and to know how his son can improve in some aspects. This is why Liceo
implemented the preceptorship.

Having a preceptor gives us students someone to talk to when we don’t know who to speak to. Adolescence is ‘the most beautiful part of life’ according to many teachers and parents. It is the stage in which a person has more changes in life, physical and psychological. And, many adolescents prefer not talking to their parents and they go to talk to someone else, in Liceo most students talk to their preceptors. I believe this is necessary because we need to
be supported during this stage in our life,

I’m not saying that the parents don’t support their children it’s just the stage in which the students are, they feel that they need more support and having a preceptor helps the student in his development during this stage in life. Preceptor cover the five aspects a person must have, which are: spiritual, academic, physical, social and familiar. Every time a student has a chat with his preceptor these five topics always come out. Most students think that they already know these aspects but one big problem is that they don’t put them to practice. What the preceptor does is to guide the student and help him become better in each of the five aspects the school teaches us.

Another advantage of having preceptors is that the student gains trust, and learns from most of the tips that the preceptor gives them. The only downside of this may be that every year you have the chance to have a different preceptor and, this may have an impact in the student because he has to start all over again with the new preceptor. A way of solving this problem that Liceo has is to simply change the preceptor to the one that you had before or simply change to a new one if you don’t feel comfortable with the one you have.

Liceo helps their students in many different ways but, the idea of having a preceptor helps the students even more. The students can talk freely with them and they won’t tell anybody if you tell them not to, this is how you start gaining their trust. And, consequently it is easier for the preceptor to guide the student in the five aspects a person must have. Helping a student improve and become a great person is one of the main objectives that Liceo has, this is why they implemented the preceptorship.

Written by: Daniel Pérez